Thank you for enquiring into having an account with us at Minicabster. To open and have the account is completely free and there are no hidden charges or admin fees. You are securing a guaranteed priority service that can be tailored to your every need.

We have a friendly and professional team to assist you from the moment you open an account, make a booking, track the car, pick up the passenger, through to the passenger arriving quickly and safely at their destination.

The account service includes:

  •   Password protected account
  •   Detailed reporting
  •   Passenger Profiling
  •   Bookers Preferences
  •   Dedicated Account Manager
  •   Complete Breakdown on Invoice
  •   Branded Booking Site & App


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We have a fleet of over 3000 cars with all different vehicle types.  Whether it be an Executive car to take your CEO to the airport, a people carrier to give some colleagues a lift to a meeting they are cutting it fine attending or a green car to pick up one of your eco conscious clients. We can cater for your every need.  Please complete the above contact form and one of our Sales and Account Management Team will be in touch.